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04 December 2009 @ 12:56 am
Title: Star Trek; Rise of the Gay Boy Band Porno
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto & Karl Urban
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Approx 3,300
Summary: It all began with a song. It was the kind of night you’d call a thriller night or maybe it was about a small town girl and a city boy who were living in a lonely world. No, not really. It was actually about two crazy guys, who are madly in love, and their sexual escapades. And I’m lying yet again. You know what, let me just skip over this whole introduction, not tell you about what the song is about and then maybe I can begin to tell this story the right way, the way it was meant to be told; in the form of a fan fiction involving an attempt to make a porn film, the rise of a boy band, and a gathering of female and gay male nerds everywhere. This is the story of Star Trek; Rise of the Gay Boy Band Porno.

[I wrote this originally for nanowrimo, got bored somewhere near the beginning, and stopped. But now I shall continue and these characters are being molded to fit random happenings within the life of my insane Tumblr friends and myself]


“Zach, get your ass out of bed or else we’re going to be fucking late!” The tall blonde yelled. A towel was the only thing wrapped around his waist as he exited the bathroom, steam flowing freely from the door. A few groans were heard from under the bed sheets and the dark blue covers were pulled away slowly to reveal another mans eyes.
“But why do I have to get up?” The other grumbled softly, popping the rest of his head out from under the covers and scratching his facial hair lightly.
“Because Zachary…we have our first recording session in a few hours. And if you don’t, I’ll get on your twitter and start giving even more and more of your fan girls out there hopes and dreams that you’re actually straight.”
After a few more moans and groans, he tossed the sheets off and stood up, stretching his arms upwards and arching his back slightly, his naked body on display for the still wet man to see. As soon as he finished stretching, Zachary noticed the look on the others face and he couldn’t help but smirk.
“Keep it under that towel Chris,” he said, holding back a laugh. “We already went at it all night. Plus, you’re the one who’s rushing me to get ready for work.”
Shaking his head, Chris moved toward his partner slowly but then stopped just a few feet away. “You know what. I don’t even need you that much and you know it. I’ve handled weeks without you before.”
“Excuses, excuses,” he replied simply and quickly, walking in front of him and getting rid of the space that was previously between them. Wrapping his arms around the towel-clad man, Zachary pulled Chris into a passionate kiss, letting his rough facial hair move against the neatly shaved skin of the other. Just a few seconds into it, he pulled away and slapped his ass before heading into the bathroom.
“You’re such an asshole sometimes, you know that?” Chris said, alone and frustrated in the bedroom, his towel barely hanging onto his body.
“Yeah, I am,” he said simply, shutting the bathroom door before yelling out, “But you fucking love it!”
Waiting until he heard the shower turn on, Chris began to walk around their bedroom, heading towards the closet. The room was pretty much silent except for the sound of the water coming from the bathroom, but he knew that soon enough it would be accompanied by Zach’s singing. Even though he loved it, Chris got to listen to that voice more than enough throughout the day, so before entering the closet, he picked up the remote sitting atop one of the cabinets within the room and turned on the cd player, letting Heat of the Moment blast through the bedroom.
“It was the heeeeeaaaat of the moment! Telling me what my heart meant!” He sang along, taking off his towel and dancing around a bit in boredom while rummaging through the closet for what to wear today. Part of him wanted to match with the other male, but at the same time, they couldn’t exactly let the world know they were a couple even though hundreds upon thousands of fan girls and fan boys had already figured it out.
“Why are you listening to Asia again!?” Chris couldn’t help but laugh a little at the others remark that could barely be heard from the bathroom. He opened a cabinet within the walk in closet and pushed around dozens of boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and thongs, trying to pick something out to put on. Settling for a random pair of navy blue boxers, he slipped them on quickly and then closed the cabinet before heading over to where his shirts and jeans were. On occasion he’d look through Zach’s clothing, but today he was in the mood for something simple and straight-looking. He pulled a white t-shirt over his head and covered his body before picking out black jeans and throwing them on as well.
Halfway through the third play of Heat of the Moment (which for some strange reason Chris hadn’t turned off) the bathroom door opened, letting out plenty of steam and a nude Zachary with a towel around his neck and shoulders.
“You haven’t stopped listening to that song ever since you saw that episode of Supernatural,” Quinto said as he dried his hair and let the water fall slowly down his body and onto the carpet. “I mean, I understand that you had a slight crush on Sam, but really? You’ve got to tone it down baby.”
Frustrated as ever, Chris stayed on the edge of the bed, legs hanging off the side, and let his back fall against the sheets. “You know, you can really be an asshole sometimes. I don’t have a crush on Jared Padalecki whatsoever, alright?” Chris let a low growl escape his lips as he looked up at the wet man in front of him.
Zach inched forward, preparing to pounce on the other, and said, “Oh c’mon baby. You know I’m just messing with you. There’s only one man for me and you know exactly who that is.” Seconds later, he sprung up and landed on top of Pine, letting his wet body connect with his boyfriends’ already clothed and dry body.
“Fuck Zachary!” He yelled, attempting to escape the kisses that were being placed all over his cheeks and neck. The feel of the others lips and facial hair rubbing against his own smooth skin was more than arousing, but they needed to get to work and he wasn’t making this any easier. Grabbing Zach’s wrists and flipping him over so that he was standing on top and his wet boyfriend was pinned to the bed, Chris took in a few deep breaths and said, “Get dressed so we can go.”
A smirk on his face, only a few words came out of Zach’s mouth. “You know I like it when you try to take control. It's cute.”
Getting even more flustered than before, he let go of the other and walked away, back into the closet to change his now wet shirt.
“Calm down, Chris! I promise I’ll get ready right now if that’s what you want,” Zach said, lifting himself off of the bed and heading over into the closet. He walked up behind Chris and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close and kissing him on his right cheek. “I’m sorry hun but you know I like messing around with you sometimes. I just can’t help myself.” As usual, Chris quickly gave in to the others sweet talking and nodded slowly before turning his body around to face the man whose arms were around him. After softly kissing him, he pulled away and said, “Now, let’s get you dressed.”
Minutes later, both Zachary and Chris were walking out of the apartment, both dressed in white v-necks, sunglasses and jeans; Zach’s black and Chris’ blue. It was within this apartment building that the two of them could be alone and safe, away from the paparazzi, away from the fans, and away from all of the cameras, microphones, actors, and directors that they were surrounded by on a daily basis. It was their escape and their paradise, so it was the one place they took advantage of holding hands. Throughout the entire elevator ride, from the twentieth floor to the first, they still had a chance to be with each other romantically. As soon as those doors slid open, it would be like any other male friendship with a little hint of guy love.
Walking out of their building, they stayed a few feet apart and headed straight for the coffee shop across the street where they sold the drinks that both of them loved. This morning, Zach chose to skip his coffee and just figured he’d steal some from the other whenever he got thirsty. He was awake enough after his shower and messing around with Chris this morning, so coffee wasn’t going to be much of a necessity. None of the girls in the shop would flip out about them walking in as it was just another natural event in their daily lives, except for the first time that they walked in, of course.
The very first time that Chris had walked into this place alone, it had only taken about five seconds before he had the eyes of every single girl within the store on him. They hadn’t said a word until he reached the register to order his drink. When he took off his sunglasses, a look of instant recognition came over the few people in the room who hadn’t realized that it was him just yet. All of the girls were blushing or whispering far away from him and in random corners of the room and he couldn’t help but laugh a little bit at the fact that nobody had said anything yet. The girl politely asked if she could take his order, her eyes trying to avoid his for fear of passing out or something along those lines, while he just stood there and said, “Just some coffee; whatever you like best.”
It had been a little over a year since then so the girls no longer stared, except for the rare occasion when a new one was hired. None of the workers or managers of the store felt the need to warn them that famous people would be walking into this store every so often.
Now, the couple could easily walk in and get their coffee quickly, no awkward stares or paparazzi involved, and even sit down for a nice breakfast if they felt the need to and if neither one of them felt like cooking in the morning.
Heading out of the shop quickly and speed walking to the studio was pretty simple as it was only about ten minutes away by foot. Chris had his coffee in hand and Zach was keeping up, playing with his cell phone to keep his hand from reaching over to hold onto the others hand. It was a tough thing to do, especially knowing that there were about fifty different men or women with cameras just lurking around taking pictures of them for thousands of people to look at online and wonder if they’re real or not and whether they’re ‘shopped or not.
As soon as they arrived at the studio, both of them waved and smiled at the woman who was sitting at the register. Unlike most people, she had always been relaxed and calm with anyone at all who came in, whether they were one of the most famous people in the city or some amateur looking for some quick cash.
“Morning boys,” she said with a smile. “You two are going to have a good time in there today. They set up a new scene just for you two from what I heard.”
Zach couldn’t help but smirk while he thought about the things he’d be doing to the other later on today, but he would keep those thoughts to himself for now. Chris was a little worried about the roles they’d now been given to play, especially because he didn’t want to end up having to do another scene about being a pizza delivery guy heading over to Zachary’s characters house and offering him some extra sausage. Even though it was quite a lot of fun, it had gotten old after having to watch all of those porn films to study up on how exactly all of this was going to work last night.
The woman at the desk pushed a button, unlocking the door behind her to her left, and allowed the two men to pass through easily, no questions asked. There had been a few guys sitting in the lobby, probably there to sign up for one of the newer and less known films that were being produced by this studio.
As they both walked through the hall, about a dozen dressing rooms, a few offices, and closets were passed by, along with plenty of forks in the hall that led to even more of these rooms, some of which had probably never been touched in years. Knowing exactly where they had to go, Chris led the way and the other stayed close behind, occasionally getting up close behind him and playfully nipping on his ear for fun and to get him entertained and ready for action soon. The only thing keeping him from throwing him down and just having sex with him right now was the fact that they would probably end up having to film and he needed to save up his stamina for that.
Minutes of walking through halls passed and they finally made it inside the main studio. There was a shoot going on and a few moans that were louder than necessary could be heard off to the side. Neither one of them were sure of exactly who it was, but it’s not like it made all that much of a difference to them.
“Oh of course it’s perfectly fine when he’s fucking late! Quinto’s excused from pretty much everything he does! And you know why?! Because he is such a reputable and respectable Mr. Darcy! He’s oh so prudent and virtuous in all facets! Oh me, oh my! He could never have even a smidge of defilement on his name!”
Everyone knew exactly who the sarcastic tones were coming from and most of the people in the room had been basically ignoring him as he usually went off into fits of rage when it came to the others.
“Calm down Karl! We know you’re upset b-“
There wasn’t enough time for the director to even attempt to calm him down before he continued to yell. “Calm down Karl nothing! No shit I’m upset! These smart ass kids are always coming in late and it’s some major bullshit JJ! Either you get their asses in line or else I’m out of this fucking shoot.”
The two men who had just walked in headed over to where Karl and JJ were; both of them standing behind Karl which was probably ridiculously unsafe since being in close proximity of him could result in death, but it was a risk they had to take.
“Mornin’ guys!” Zach said, smile on his face and hand up in the air, waving at the two men, one of which had just turned around and was ready to pounce and kill them both.
“What the hell took you two so long?! I’ve been sitting here waiting for this one to tell me what the hell we’re going to be filming and he wouldn’t do it until you two got here dammit!”
Chris held back a laugh as he enjoyed messing with the other man, and just kept his mouth shut. Even though he had rushed Zach the entire morning, if they wouldn’t have stopped for coffee, they probably would’ve ended up arriving on time. Then again, there wasn’t exactly a set time to arrive for a shoot and it’s not like they knew that JJ wouldn’t tell Karl until they arrived.
“Alright everybody, sit down and let me go over what exactly we’re going to do today. We’ve got a big shoot going on soon and if you guys aren’t ready to go, we can’t make this happen,” Abrams ordered and explained before grabbing a large pile of papers from an assistant who had walked up just a few moments earlier. “So, I suggest you flip through the scripts, get the general gist of everything, and just warn me on your thoughts about it all.”
Two of the men quickly flipped through the scripts, barely even reading anything on the pages, not even the title. The only one who actually bothered reading it all was Zachary, who had pretty much stopped as soon as he actually noticed the title.
“Wait a second; you’re seriously going to base this off of Star Trek?” He asked with a somewhat surprised look on his face.
The director and writer who had created this screenplay was now grinning and looking at the men with a grin on his face. “Well, I figured since you guys have about a million fan fics written about you on a regular basis, not to mention how many freaking gif’s and pictures there are out there of the supposed sexual tension between you two, which is true even if you two choose to deny it all the freaking time in public. I’ll never understand you two. You can make a porno where you two have crazy sex on the Enterprise, but you can’t hold hands outside of your apartment and your house.
“So the two of you will do all your usual romantic crap on camera, not to mention you’ll have sex. We’ll probably throw in some other fight scene between you two because that seems to be something that’s sparked a lot of interest in women and gay men everywhere. And when it comes to you Karl, I haven’t developed your role perfectly yet but you’ll obviously still be McCoy and you’ll have plenty of patients aboard the ship, including the two men sitting right here with us.”
The three of them were staring at him skeptically and had no idea what exactly to say about this idea. It wasn’t until Karl coughed awkwardly that Zachary took the chance to ask another question. “So, does this mean I get to fuck Chris senseless on film?”
The blonde seemed to be more than embarrassed by this and looked over at the other with frustration, definitely not thinking about how much fun it would be to have sex with him on set. He elbowed the other lightly and gave him a glare that basically said shut the fuck up or you’re not touching this for a long time and then looked back down at the script, reading through some of the lines that they’d have to say during the movie.
“Wait, wait, wait…” Chris said the minute he saw one line. He couldn’t help but laugh even though he was completely shocked at how terrible yet hilarious the line sounded. “Is that a phaser in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Seriously JJ; this is the kind of stuff you’re coming up with for a Star Trek porn flick. I mean, c’mon. At least come up with something like, How about you come and take a seat on the Captain’s lap and I’ll blast into you at warp drive.
“You know, you can’t really say that baby,” Zach interrupted at the end of the others pick-up line. “You know I’d be on top so that just wouldn’t make any sense now would it?”
Karl and JJ began to snicker at this and then Chris looked up and glared at them in anger. “Fuck you guys,” he mumbled, before going back to reading the script.
JJ kept on looking at the reaction of each man, making sure that they were all flipping through the small script and judging what each of them thought by their reactions. He noticed that Urban basically had a somewhat shocked look on his face at a few moments, but on occasion he’d laugh and smirk at something he’d see; probably in relation to his character. Pine had an unsure and somewhat uncomfortable look on his face. He was still a bit of a private man when it came to the sex between him and Zachary. The other was the complete opposite of his boyfriend. He had a grin, which could only be taken as sexual, plastered on his face the entire time that he read through the script.
“Well, what do you guys think?” The delightful director asked, wondering what exactly was going to come out of the mouths of these men.
“So I get to fuck Chris how many times?” Zachary quickly asked before getting elbowed again in the ribs.
vicarious_renjivicarious_renji on December 4th, 2009 06:45 am (UTC)

ALSO, I love your version of Karl! I think you ought to send JJ a copy of that script. For realsies :D

Great job!
rundaloo on December 4th, 2009 04:40 pm (UTC)


Also, imagining Chris as a pornstar = holy crap naughty thoughts...@_@
Melawen: startrek <3melawen_c on December 4th, 2009 11:43 pm (UTC)
As sooon as you mentioned Asia, I could see the Supernatural scene in my mind. *giggles* This is... god, I don't even have words! :D
evey m.trakshun on December 5th, 2009 05:01 am (UTC)

This was lolarious and also awesome. A+, bb.
amdanda pandatinkiebelle on December 6th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
OH JUJU! i've not read it yet but rest assured i will do, and when i do, i'll comment properly. xDDD
Marvelous Matsumoto "J" Junaibajunior on December 7th, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
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