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12 May 2009 @ 09:04 pm
When the feelings gone and you cant go on
It's tragedy

Just because a love is meant to be doesn't mean it's one that you'll remember forever. A happy ending isn't always the perfect ending. Maybe life needs a little tragedy to get us going; to remind us that even though love is all around, it's not always going to end up just like you want it to. But sometimes, even when we know we can't get our prized moment in life, when we know for a fact that our chance at love was missed and we've lost it, we take a risk. We grab that scalpal, don't bother to throw on the gloves of wisdom or wash our hands of our past mistakes, and head into the operating room. We try to turn figuring out life and love into a surgery and don't take into account all the things we've learned from other surgery's we've performed.

So, we move through the easiest layer; The Skin. The skin consists of the introductions, meeting for the first time, getting to know each other, developing more than a friendship, the first date, and once you finally break through all those skin cells, veins, arteries, and everything else, you've finally developed a good relationship with someone that you've started to like a lot, maybe even love. Sometimes it's a little rough to make it through tough skin, but we bust through, hoping that everything will be alright when we keep moving on.

But all those little veins and arteries, the ones that connect everything together; those are the ones you have to worry about as well. We can't just keep our focus on getting to the root of this surgery called love; we have to remember that there's about a million other relationships around us that we can't sever. One wrong cut and we lose a friend. It can't be our main focus to keep every single vein and artery intact, but we can't just slice through without thought, because, in the end, the ones who will be there for us if anything goes wrong, are our friends; our arteries and veins. The ones that build us up and keep us alive. They keep the blood flowing through us no matter what our mood is and make sure that we keep on living, no matter what is going on. Sometimes they get a little clogged up, but we can solve it so easily by just paying attention to how they feel.

After carefully slicing our way through it all, we reach the tough shit; The Bones. One function is to protect the heart, but in the world of love, it could be quite the opposite. As we make our way through the rough and rigid bones, we realize that there's a lot underneath the skin. Everything that makes up a person, the things you've never learned, the 'skeletons' in their closet. You start arguing about petty little things, like how to break through the bones completely without hurting anything underneath, or break through the tension in an argument without hurting any of the others feelings.